“I started working out with Hilary because I was feeling extremely out of shape. I had been suffering from lower back pain for months and was nervous about further aggravating my back. Hilary listened to my concerns and goals. Within two weeks, my lower back pain was gone and has not returned since.  In the last six months I have lost several pounds and my arms are incredibly toned. Hilary is also my swim coach and even the lifeguard has commented on my swim speed and form. Quite simply, I love Hilary and am so happy I discovered her.”

Raquel L., attorney


“I started working with Hilary with the goal of wanting to get more toned and stronger. I was the type of person who essentially only knew how to do cardio. Hilary created a few different routines for me, that were fun enough so I wouldn’t get bored, but simple enough for me to do on my own. A few months after starting with her I got pregnant. She made modifications so that I could still continue to work out and get strong, and then added a whole pre-natal element to the routine focused on becoming aware of and building the right muscles for childbirth. As a result of the workouts Hilary had me doing throughout my pregnancy, I had an incredible easy and natural (only 3 hours!) labor and delivery! I believe Hilary’s training made a huge difference for me.”

Emily L., investment banker


“I had been shopping around for a good trainer for a long time when I met Hilary, and I instantly knew she was a keeper. She is a rare combination of many things: she is rigorous and pushes me to do my best, but never so much that I lose heart or feel discouraged. She also has a personal approach that I find effective. She knows what exercises pique my interest and which are best done before I lose steam, and tailors my program accordingly. But I think the most important thing for me is Hilary’s sincerity. Hilary has a capacity to connect with people, and therein, I believe, lies her magic.”

Claire L., student


“I have enjoyed working with Hilary immensely and look forward to continue working with her. I initially began personal training sessions to prepare for my wedding. After the wedding I was going to just go back to my regular workouts sans trainer. However, after working with Hilary and actually understanding what a “real workout” is, I have decided to continue with my training sessions. I have established new personal goals and look forward to achieving them under her guidance.”

Matt G., financial analyst


“Hilary is always flexible with my schedule and comes to my home to train me. Otherwise, I would never get a workout in! She thoroughly explains how my program will help me reach my goals, and makes sure I understand what each exercise is working and where I should be feeling it. With her help, I looked and felt great on my wedding day!”

Tiffani D., teacher


“My job as a cameraman is taxing on my body. Hilary has identified the weak and tight muscles in my body and created a program to address my needs. These workouts help make me stronger and balance me out so that I can continue my work for years to come.”

Danny A., television network cameraman


“My office hosted a weight-loss program, and Hilary came to speak to all of us to help us identify our goals and learn how to meet them.  After her talk, we all knew how to get started and felt inspired to get healthier.  By the end of the program, our group of 17 had lost 160 pounds!”

Laura R., office manager


“Hilary has been fantastic and essential in keeping me healthy and strong both during my pregnancy and after I had my baby.  She made working out easy and fun.  She was always able to improvise depending on how I was feeling.  When my baby was small she even held him while I did my squats!”

Simone F., real estate broker


“Hilary’s great! I was very nervous about training after a bad experience with a previous trainer who actually injured me during a session. Unlike many born athletes and naturally thin people, Hilary had to fight her own battle with weight to get to her current healthy, strong body. She’s a real person I find easy to relate to. She is so positive and bright; a session with Hilary is more like having a personal cheerleader than a drill sergeant, which is much more effective for my temperament. I know my clients are in good hands when I refer them to Hilary.”

Pam Christenson, LMT www.pamchristensonmassage.com


“After pumping with Hilary, my guns got so jacked that I ran around screaming at cops and punching them in the face and then THEY apologized to ME because these puppies are so money.”

Eilis C., actress and comedy writer


“I was referred to Hilary through a friend and I’m so grateful for it. She’s amazing. Hilary starts out by looking at what goals you want to achieve and your current exercise regiment, if any. I’m a tennis player and wanted to improve my game so she designed a specific workout to cater on building certain muscle groups. I consider myself in shape but before I knew it, she had me dripping with sweat. Her workouts are consistent and steady. She’s very knowledgeable about the body and gives me a great stretch after every workout. Her personality is so upbeat and positive it makes you want to work out. Oh and did I mention the results? I tightened up muscle groups within only a couple of weeks and my tennis game improved tremendously! I love working with Hilary and highly recommend her.”

Erika Weber MS LAc, www.16thstreetacupuncture.com