Weight Loss and General Conditioning

Whether you want to trim down, get strong, improve flexibility, or increase endurance, Hilary can help you start an exercise routine. After a thorough assessment, she provides an individual program based on your needs and will help you integrate it into your busy lifestyle.

Pre-Natal and Post-Partum Training

Women often don’t realize the stresses that pregnancy puts on the body:  altered posture, weaker core, and more. Hilary’s training programs help ease the discomfort of pregnancy and provide as much support as possible during this special time in a woman’s life. Specialized core training techniques aid in childbirth and promote a speedy recovery after delivery.

Senior Fitness

Helping seniors stay fit and active is one of Hilary’s passions. As we age, it is important to maintain strength, mobility, and balance. Hilary can also help those in physical therapy maintain an exercise routine, or help with those that need a transition to exercise after their physical therapy sessions have been completed.


Since there is no “quick fix” for becoming more healthy and active, it takes time to make exercise a habit. It also takes about eight to twelve weeks of regular exercise to see noticeable results. Therefore, training sessions require at least a three month commitment. Each program is designed specifically for you to accommodate your lifestyle and budget.

Corporate Seminars

Everyone is looking for ways to cut down on healthcare costs these days. If you would like to provide your employees with extra insight for healthy living, Hilary can speak to them and even host fitness classes in your office based on your company’s goals.