No more excuses!

Personal Trainer in New York City

We all have different motivations to exercise. Some of us want to become more flexible and alleviate pain while others may want to train for a challenging athletic event, but nearly all of us want to stay healthy and energetic during every stage of life. This is best achieved with regular exercise and better movement patterns. Think you don’t have time to incorporate exercise into your life? Those days are over! Hilary McLemore provides in-home personal training for busy New Yorkers under any circumstance. Workouts can take place in your tiny studio apartment, your residential building’s gym, or outside in NYC parks.

Building your Fitness Program

A well rounded exercise program should improve strength, mobility, and cardiovascular capacity. Many avid exercisers have incomplete or unbalanced routines, but by hiring an expert to assess your current fitness level, you can find the best workouts for your body. After an evaluation of your current routine and goals, Hilary can tell you the best way to reach those goals. With a personalized program designed just for you and your needs, you can stop wasting your time with useless and ineffective workouts!

Fitness Training for Moms & Seniors

Regular activity is just as important for those with special needs. Hilary also specializes in fitness for expecting moms and seniors. These demographics must pay close attention to core strength, mobility, and balance, and Hilary has the expertise to adjust these programs accordingly.