Hilary McLemore grew up as a competitive swimmer in Tallahassee, FL then attended the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. When she quit swimming and started college, she naturally gained the infamous “Freshman 15.” However, without the proper nutrition and exercise habits, the “Freshman 15” only got worse and this is what happened:

Hilary Before Training
Hilary in 2004!

After a doctor’s visit revealed that she weighed 198 pounds with a blood pressure of 140/100 (normal blood pressure is about 120/80), Hilary knew she needed to make some drastic changes in her life. She improved her eating habits, started exercising again, and lost 60 pounds!  After moving to fabulous New York City in 2006, she realized she wanted to make it her mission to help others become more active and healthy.  Hilary knows from experience how easy it is to get bogged down in all the magazine cover headlines and fad diets, to the point where if we want to start living healthier, we don’t even know what’s right or where to begin.  But Hilary has lost the weight and kept it off for six years, and knows that leading an active lifestyle should not be such a challenge.

Hilary While Training Exercise

These days, Hilary still enjoys swimming, surfing, and zipping through the streets of New York City on her bike.  She is also the lead trainer for the American Museum of Natural History’s Walk on the Wild Side, an indoor winter fitness program.  Her favorite fitness challenge is to help others cut through all the worthless and confusing information that’s out there so they can find the best exercise plan to integrate healthy, sustainable habits in their lives. Her hard work, client dedication, and enthusiasm, have earned her the nickname “Thrillary.”